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The Gonzales flag, originally designed in 1835, has made a resurgence in popularity. Its origins trace back to the Battle of Gonzales during the Texas revolution. The flag symbolized the successful resistance of the people of Gonzales against Mexican troops, proudly declaring “Come and Take It.”


The Annin Flagmakers Gonzales Flag holds great historical significance as a symbol of Texan independence and defiance. This iconic flag features a single gold star centered on a blue background with the phrase “Come and Take It” boldly displayed. The flag originated in the small town of Gonzales, Texas, during the Texas Revolution in 1835.

The Gonzales Flag played a pivotal role in the conflict between Texan settlers and Mexican forces. It became a rallying symbol for the Texan rebels, representing their determination to defend their rights and resist Mexican authority. The phrase “Come and Take It” is a defiant response to the Mexican government’s demand to return a cannon that was given to the settlers for self-defense.

The flag’s design is simple yet powerful, capturing the spirit of Texan independence and the resolve of its people. The lone star symbolizes Texas as an independent state, while the blue background represents loyalty and perseverance. The flag embodies the Texan spirit of liberty and the unwavering commitment to defend their rights.

Annin Flagmakers meticulously reproduces the flag with high-quality materials and attention to detail. Craftsmen create the flag from durable nylon, ensuring it displays vibrant colors and performs well over time. The construction features reinforced stitching and brass grommets for easy and secure display.

Today, the Gonzales Flag remains an enduring symbol of Texan pride and defiance. Texans proudly display it in homes, businesses, and public spaces, reminding of their rich history and ongoing fight for freedom. Own the Annin Flagmakers Gonzales Flag and honor brave Texans who fought for liberty and self-determination.

In summary, the Annin Flagmakers Gonzales Flag is a powerful representation of Texan independence and defiance. With its iconic design and quality construction, this flag is a tangible link to the past, symbolizing freedom and Texas’ history.

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