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he Rainbow flag is a multicolored design consisting of some of the colors  one would see in a rainbow.  Often referred to as the Gay Pride Flag, the flag has been a symbol for the LGBT community since it’s founding in 1978 by artist Gilbert Baker.

Though there have been variants of the design over the yeas, the most common flag design consists of six equal width horizontal stripes: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.

Each nylon flag up through 6′ X 10′ has individually sewn stripes and is finished with strong canvas heading and brass grommets.  8′ X 12′ and larger flags have sewn roped canvas heading with galvanized thimbles.

The 3′ X 6′ pleated full fan also has individually sewn stripes and hand pleated.  Finished with strong canvas heading and 3 brass grommets across the top 6′ side.

Each flag and the pleated full fan are also FMAA certified!

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    FMAA Certified


We make the rainbow flag, available in various sizes, with fully sewn nylon stripes. Sizes 12″x18″ to 6’x10′ have a strong canvas heading and brass grommets. Sizes 8’x12′ and larger have a canvas roped heading with galvanized thimbles. Additionally, the 3’x6′ pleated full fan features a canvas heading and three grommets across the 6′ side.

Additionally the rainbow flag, a symbol of LGB pride and inclusivity, is a vibrant and powerful emblem. It is available in multiple sizes, allowing individuals and communities to proudly display it in various settings.

Crafted from high-quality nylon, the flag features fully sewn stripes that enhance its durability and longevity. We meticulously design it to ensure a striking appearance and to withstand outdoor elements. The available sizes, ranging from 12″x18″ to 10’x15′, offer options suitable for diverse display needs.

For sizes up to 6’x10′, we finish the flag with a robust canvas heading and brass grommets. This combination provides strength and stability when hoisting the flag on a pole or mounting it on a vertical surface. The brass grommets allow for secure attachment, ensuring that the flag remains proudly displayed.

For larger sizes like 8’x12′ and beyond, we finish the flag with a canvas roped heading and galvanized thimbles. This setup enhances durability, allowing the flag to endure even in strong winds or harsh weather conditions.

Additionally, a unique variation of the rainbow flag is the 3’x6′ pleated full fan. It features a canvas heading and three grommets across the 6′ side, offering an alternative display option. The pleated design creates an eye-catching visual effect, making it an excellent choice for events or special occasions.

Overall, the rainbow flag in its various sizes and finishes provides individuals, organizations, and communities with a means to proudly showcase their support for LGBTQ+ rights and celebrate diversity. Lastly its quality craftsmanship, striking appearance, and versatile display options make it a cherished symbol of love, equality, and inclusivity.

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12" X 18", 2' X 3', 3' X 5', 4' X 6', 5' X 8', 6' X 10', 8' X 12', 10' X 15', 3' X 6' Pleated Full Fan


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