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Celebrate Nevada’s heritage with our durable nylon state flag. Its vibrant colors and intricate design showcase pride and unity. Perfect for home, schools, and special events, this flag withstands any weather while maintaining its vivid appearance. Embrace the spirit of Nevada with this high-quality symbol of patriotism.

Nevada is a Western state within the U.S. and it borders California, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, and Arizona. The largest city is Las Vegas and capital is Carson City. The states nickname is “The Battle Born State”.

The current design has its origins dating back to 1926. The positioning of the word “NEVADA” around the star created for some interesting debate. An error in the 1929 law prompted some changes in 1989 which resulted in the final version of the flag since 1991. The “N” of Nevada is at the uppermost tip of the star indicating its “northern” position in the civil war, and with each of the other letters of the word Nevada located in the spaces between the remaining points of the star, displaying near each junction of the star’s pentagonal center.

Our high-quality state flags meet required specifications, utilizing digital printing technology on durable nylon material. They feature canvas heading with brass grommets or canvas roped heading with galvanized thimbles for larger sizes. Presentation flags with gold fringe, pole hem sleeve, and mounting tabs are ideal for ceremonies, offices, courtrooms, schools, or parades.

For a complete display, our indoor mounting kit includes an oak finish flagpole, styrene Fancy Spear, Liberty Floor Stand, and Gold Cord with Tassels.

  FMAA Certified


The state of Nevada flag, crafted from high-quality nylon fabric and certified by the Flag Manufacturers Association of America (FMAA), represents the unique character and history of the Silver State. This striking flag features a cobalt blue field adorned with a prominent silver star in the upper-left corner.

The silver star on the Nevada flag represents the state’s nickname, “The Silver State,” which pays homage to Nevada’s rich history of silver mining. It serves as a reminder of the significant role mining has played in shaping the state’s economy and development.

Centered beneath the star is a wreath of sagebrush, the state flower of Nevada. The inclusion of this native plant highlights the state’s natural beauty and its rugged desert landscape. The sagebrush wreath is symbolic of Nevada’s commitment to preserving its unique environment and embracing its wild and untamed spirit.

Encircling the star and sagebrush is a golden scroll bearing the state motto, “Battle Born.” This motto reflects Nevada’s admission to the Union during the Civil War, emphasizing the state’s resilience and determination in overcoming challenges.

The bold cobalt blue field of the Nevada flag represents loyalty and symbolizes the clear skies and vast open spaces of the state. It stands as a reminder of Nevada’s boundless potential and its status as a beacon of opportunity and freedom.

Moreover the Nevada flag is expertly crafted from durable nylon fabric, ensuring its longevity and vibrant colors. Its FMAA certification guarantees that it meets the highest standards of quality and workmanship. The nylon material’s renowned durability makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor display, withstanding various weather conditions.

Displaying the Nevada nylon flag allows individuals to showcase their pride in the state’s heritage, culture, and natural wonders. Additionally flown at government, schools, businesses, and homes, the Nevada flag symbolizes unity and shared identity.

The FMAA certification guarantees meticulous manufacturing of the Nevada flag using the finest materials and techniques. It confirms the flag’s authenticity and guarantees its compliance with the strictest industry standards.

In summary, The Nevada nylon flag, FMAA certified, is a powerful symbol of Nevada’s identity and values. Lastly, the flag’s distinct design and meaningful elements honor the state’s history, natural beauty, and enduring spirit.

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