State of Texas Classroom Flag, All Sizes


Texas Empire Brand larger stick Flag. These brightly-printed state of Texas stick flags are made from a silk-like polyester fabric.

This deluxe flag has fully sewn edges and is great for parades, events, classroom decoration, or grave marking.

Comes securely stapled onto a ebonized wood staff with gilt gold spear tip.

A) 12″ X 18″ – 3/8″ X 30″ Dowel
B) 16″ X 24″ – 3/8″ X 36″ Dowel


Annin Flagmakers offers the “Empire Brand” state of Texas classroom flags in two sizes: 12″x18″ and 16″x24″. Craftsmen carefully craft and design these flags to represent the state of Texas with utmost precision and attention to detail. Staplers secure the 12″x18″ flag onto a 3/8″x30″ black wood dowel and the 16″x24″ flag onto a 3/8″x36″ black wood dowel. Both dowels feature a gold spear tip, adding an elegant touch to the flags.

The “Empire Brand” Texas classroom flags by Annin Flagmakers are a perfect addition to any classroom setting. Craftsmen make these flags using high-quality materials, ensuring their durability and longevity. The flags are designed to withstand regular classroom use, allowing proud display for years to come.

Furthermore Annin Flagmakers takes great pride in the craftsmanship of their flags. Additionally craftsmen carefully construct each Texas flag with meticulous attention to detail. The vibrant colors and precise stitching make these flags visually appealing, capturing the essence of the state of Texas.

Furthermore the Texas classroom flags are not only visually striking but also educational. They serve as an important tool for teaching students about the history, geography, and culture of Texas. By displaying these flags in the classroom, educators can create a more immersive and engaging learning environment.

Additionally the larger size of these classroom flags ensures better visibility, allowing students to clearly see and understand the intricate details of the Texas state flag. The black wood dowels provide a sturdy and reliable support for the flags, ensuring that they remain securely attached.

In summary, Annin Flagmakers meticulously craft the “Empire Brand” state of Texas classroom flag with precision and attention to detail. These flags come in 12″x18″ and 16″x24″ sizes, made with high-quality materials and featuring a gold spear tip on a black wood dowel. Lastly they are visually appealing and educational, enabling students to learn about Texas’ rich history and culture.

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