Annin Deluxe Aluminum Flagpole, All Styles


Introducing Annin Flagmakers’ deluxe aluminum parade and color guard flagpoles, the pinnacle of aluminum flag poles. Precision machined with an invisible screw joint, these poles feature two flag rings, a cord & tassel ring, and a capped bottom for a seamless design. Choose from the shiny bright-dipped gold anodized or silver mill finish options.

Designed for indoor presentation flag sets, color guard performances, and parades, these flagpoles offer unparalleled versatility. Unlike Eder’s Deluxe aluminum flagpoles, Annin’s 1″ diameter flag poles boast a reduced shaft, allowing the secure attachment of various flag pole topper ornaments. For the 1 1/4″ diameter flagpoles, the open slot at the top conveniently accommodates the ornament ferrule, sliding it into the pole itself.

For added convenience, Annin’s adjustable aluminum flagpole effortlessly adjusts and locks with a simple twist. Its two-section construction enables the top 1 1/4″ diameter section to slide over the 1 1/8″ bottom section, allowing you to leave your flag on the pole when it’s collapsed. With the open slot top, flag pole topper ornaments with ferrules easily slip into the flagpole’s top section.

**Annin aluminum flagpoles can accept all Annin Ornaments as well as most of the Eder ornaments.  If you need assistance with choosing the right one, please let us know.**

Flagpole Size Sections
7′ X 1″ & 7′ X 1 1/4″ 4′ Top & 3′ Bottom
8′ X 1″ & 8′ X 1 1/4″ 4′ Top & 4′ Bottom
9′ X 1 1/4″ 5′ Top & 4′ Bottom
Adjustable 5′ to 9′ 1 1/4″ Top Slides Over 1 1/8″ Bottom


Introducing the Annin Flagmakers Deluxe Aluminum Flagpole collection, where craftsmanship and elegance meet durability and versatility. These flagpoles are the epitome of excellence, designed to enhance any parade or color guard presentation. Available in rich anodized gold or silver finishes, they are sure to captivate and inspire.

Furthermore, with their flawless construction, these flagpoles feature invisible joints, creating a seamless and sleek appearance. Additionally, the precision machining ensures a sturdy and reliable structure, allowing the flags to wave proudly in the breeze. Moreover, each flagpole is carefully crafted to meet the highest standards, guaranteeing a product of exceptional quality.

Accordingly the Annin Deluxe Aluminum Flagpole collection offers a range of sizes and styles to suit any occasion. Style 71G stands tall at 7 feet with a 1-inch diameter, radiating elegance in its golden hue. Style 81G extends the height to 8 feet, while styles 84G and 94G boast a 1 1/4-inch diameter, reaching 8 and 9 feet respectively. Consequently these gold flagpoles exude a sense of sophistication and grandeur, commanding attention wherever they stand.

For those seeking flexibility and adaptability, the adjustable gold flagpole, style AG, is the perfect choice. With its adjustable design, it can be easily tailored to the desired height, ensuring a seamless and personalized flag presentation. This feature allows for effortless adjustments without compromising stability or aesthetic appeal.

The silver flagpole options in the Deluxe Aluminum Flagpole collection offer the same exceptional quality and style as their golden counterparts. Style 71S, standing at 7 feet, and style 81S, extending to 8 feet, both possess a 1-inch diameter. Styles 84S and 94S, with their 1 1/4-inch diameter, reach the heights of 8 and 9 feet respectively. These silver flagpoles exude an air of sophistication and timeless beauty, perfectly complementing any setting.

The Annin Deluxe Aluminum Flagpole collection is compatible with Annin flagpole toppers and most Eder flagpole toppers, offering remarkable versatility. Easily decorate your flagpole with various ornaments for personalization and symbolic touches to your display.

In summary, the flagpole collection is a testament to superior craftsmanship, offering a range of rich anodized gold and silver finishes. These flagpoles feature invisible joints, precise machining, and come in various sizes and styles. They are the ideal choice for parades, color guards, and patriotic displays. Elevate your flag presentation with Annin’s Deluxe Aluminum Flagpoles, where elegance and durability intertwine to create an unforgettable spectacle.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Aluminum Pole Color

Gold, Silver

Aluminum Flagpole Size

7' X 1" Model 71G, 7' X 1" Model 71S, 8' X 1 1/4" Model 84G, 8' X 1 1/4" Model 84S, 8' X 1" Model 81G, 8' X 1" Model 81S, 9' X 1 1/4" Model 94G, 9' X 1 1/4" Model 94S, Adjustable Model AG


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