Colonial Series #1 Desk Flag Set, 4″ X 6″


A boxed desk flag set of 5 flags with base is a comprehensive collection of miniature flags designed for display on a desk or tabletop. The set typically includes five different flags, each representing a specific theme, country, or organization, along with a sturdy base to hold the flags securely.

Set of 5 flags including Continental, Gadsden, Betsy Ross, Bennington, and Star Spangled Banner by Annin Flagmakers.

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The Annin Flagmakers’ “Empire Brand” Historical Colonial Series #1 Desk Flag Set pays homage to American colonial history. Still this set features five iconic flags that played significant roles in the formation and early years of the United States: the Continental flag, Gadsden flag, Betsy Ross flag, Bennington flag, and Star-Spangled Banner flag.

The Continental flag represents united colonies during the American Revolution, featuring thirteen red and white stripes and a blue field with thirteen white stars.

The Gadsden flag, with its iconic yellow field and coiled rattlesnake, embodies the spirit of American liberty and resistance. It has become a symbol of individualism, independence, and the defense of personal freedoms.

The Betsy Ross flag, attributed to Betsy Ross, allegedly features the first American flag with thirteen stars in a circle. It is a cherished symbol of the early days of the United States and the ideals of liberty and unity.

The Bennington flag showcases a distinctive arrangement of thirteen stars forming a large seven-pointed star, commemorating the Battle of Bennington. It represents the valor and resilience of the American troops in their fight for freedom.

The Star-Spangled Banner flag inspired the national anthem and is a significant symbol in American history. Also known as The Fort McHenry flag, it symbolizes American bravery and resilience during the War of 1812.

Expert craftsmen meticulously create each flag in the set, paying attention to detail and ensuring durability. These high-quality nylon flags offer vibrant colors and long-lasting performance. Mounting them on 10-inch staffs provides an impressive display for any desk or workspace.

In addition, the set features a convenient five-hole plastic stand that securely holds each flag, enabling effortless and graceful presentation. Moreover, the set’s thoughtful packaging enhances its appeal, positioning it as an ideal gift for history enthusiasts, educators, or those who deeply appreciate American heritage.

Lastly the Annin Flagmakers “Empire Brand” Colonial Series #1 Desk Flag Set is a historical and decorative addition to any workspace. It serves as a reminder of the sacrifices, struggles, and triumphs that have shaped the nation we know today.

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