Eder Deluxe Aluminum Flagpole, All Styles


Introducing Eder’s Deluxe Aluminum Parade and Color Guard Flagpoles, the ultimate choice in aluminum flagpoles. Each pole is precision machined with solid brass screw joints, top ornament adapter, flag rings, cord & tassel ring, and capped bottom. Available in shiny bright-dipped gold anodized or silver mill finish. Perfect for indoor presentations, color guard, and parades.

**Eder aluminum flagpoles can only accept Eder Ornaments.  If you need assistance with choosing the right one, please let us know.**

Flagpole Size Sections
6′ X 1″ & 6′ X 1 1/8″ 3′ Top & 3′ Bottom
7′ X 1″ & 7′ X 1 1/8″ 4′ Top & 3′ Bottom
8′ X 1″ & 8′ X 1 1/8″ 4′ Top & 4′ Bottom
9′ X 1″ & 9′ X 1 1/8″ 5′ Top & 4′ Bottom
10′ X 1″ & 10′ X 1 1/8″ 5′ Top & 5′ Bottom
11′ X 1″ & 11′ X 1 1/8″ 6′ Top & 5′ Bottom


The Eder Flag Deluxe Aluminum Flagpole is a versatile and durable option for displaying your flags with pride. Available in heights ranging from 6′ to 11′, this two-piece pole offers flexibility to suit your specific needs. Choose from a diameter of 1″ or 1 1/8″ to ensure stability and strength.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this flagpole exudes quality and elegance. Whether you prefer a silver or gold finish, the Eder Flag Deluxe Aluminum Flagpole will enhance the aesthetic appeal of any flag you choose to fly.

With its easy-to-assemble design, this flagpole ensures a hassle-free installation process. The two-piece construction allows for convenient storage and transportation, making it ideal for both residential and commercial use.

Equipped with sturdy fittings and connections, the Eder Flag Aluminum Flagpole offers reliability and stability. Its durable construction withstands various weather conditions, ensuring long-lasting performance and durability.

Transitioning between heights is seamless with this versatile flagpole. Whether you need a 6′ pole for a smaller display or an 11′ pole for a grand presentation, the Eder Flag Deluxe Aluminum Flagpole provides options to suit your preferences.

Whether you’re a homeowner, business owner, or event organizer, this flagpole is designed to meet your flag display needs. It adds a touch of sophistication and patriotism to any setting, creating a visually appealing and impactful statement.

By choosing the Eder Flag Deluxe Aluminum Flagpole, you invest in a high-quality product that will proudly showcase your flags for years to come. Its exceptional craftsmanship and reliable performance make it a top choice for those seeking a flagpole that combines style, durability, and ease of use.

Take pride in displaying your flags with the Eder’s Aluminum Flagpole. Versatile, durable, and elegant, this flagpole is ideal for any flag-flying occasion, be it at home, business, or community.

Additional information

Weight 1.1 lbs
Dimensions N/A
Aluminum Pole Color

Gold, Silver

Aluminum Flagpole Size

6' X 1" Model P-33, 6' X 1 1/8" Model P-34, 7' X 1" Model P-37, 7' X 1 1/8" Model P-46, 8' X 1" Model P-40, 8' X 1 1/8" Model P-47, 9' X 1" Model P-42, 9' X 1 1/8" Model P-48, 10' X 1" Model P-44, 10' X 1 1/8" Model P-45, 11' X 1" Model P-43, 11' X 1 1/8" Model P-49


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