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Discover a wide array of specialty ornament styles from Annin Flagmakers and Eder Flag to enhance your indoor flag presentation sets. Choose between the popular Ball type, Battalion Lance, or the Maple Leaf for Canadian Flag presentations, all of which are compatible with oak finish flagpoles. Pay attention to specific threading requirements for aluminum flagpoles. Each specialty flag pole topper has a removable ferrule and a 7/8″ inside ferrule diameter. Our collection includes designs from Annin and Eder, with options from Flagzone or Valley Forge available upon request. Reach out to customer service for any inquiries.

Model Material Length Removable Ferrule Fits Oak Finish Flagpole Fits Aluminum Flagpole
PB3 Ball Gold Metal 3″ Diameter Yes Yes Eder and Some Others
PB3 Ball Silver Metal 3″ Diameter Yes Yes Eder and Some Others
27 Guiding Star Metal 7″ Yes Yes Not Eder Brand
10A Maple Leaf Metal 8 1/4″ Yes Yes Not Eder Brand
ML1 Maple Leaf Metal 5 1/4″ Yes Yes Eder and Some Others
138 Battalion Lance Metal 9 1/4″ Yes Yes Not Eder Brand


Flag pole toppers are elegant ornaments placed atop a flagpole, enhancing the overall presentation of a flag. These toppers come in various styles and designs, each carrying its own symbolic significance and aesthetic appeal.

Eder’s PB3 Parade Ball, in gold or silver, exudes sophistication and grandeur as a classic spherical ornament. Its smooth surface and gleaming finish reflect light, creating a striking visual effect that complements any flag display.

The Style 27 Guiding Star from Annin is a captivating topper featuring a radiant star design. The guiding symbol represents hope, direction, and aspirations, making it powerful for inspiring unity and purpose in flag presentations.

For those seeking a tribute to the Canadian flag, the Style 10A Maple Leaf from Annin is a fitting choice. The iconic maple leaf design symbolizes Canada’s beauty and national pride, making it a cherished addition to flag presentation sets.

Eder’s Style ML-1 Maple Leaf showcases intricate details, bringing out the elegance and charm of the Canadian symbol. Crafted with precision and artistry, it pays homage to the nation’s rich history and cultural heritage.

The Style 13B Battalion Lance from Annin offers a more traditional and regal appearance. The topper resembles a battle axe, symbolizing strength, courage, and the spirit of warriors, perfect for military or historic themes.

Furthermore, specialty flag pole toppers fit oak finish flagpoles, ensuring a seamless and secure fit for various display settings. Additionally, Eder brands fit Eder aluminum flagpoles exclusively, offering specialized options for specific pole types, ensuring a perfect match.

In conclusion, a flag pole topper elevates flag presentations, enhancing their significance and visual impact for individuals and organizations. Whether for parades, official ceremonies, or everyday displays, these toppers add an extra layer of dignity and pride, enriching the experience of viewers and symbolizing the values and aspirations represented by the flags they adorn. Discover a wide array of flag pole toppers from Annin and Eder, offering the ideal adornment to enhance your flag presentation with elegance and symbolism. Whether you seek a classic Parade Ball, a radiant Guiding Star, or a regal Battalion Lance, these toppers add a distinguished touch to your display.

Additional information

Weight 0.8 lbs
Flagpole Topper Color

Gold, Silver

Specialty Flagpole Topper

Eder Parade Ball Model PB3, Annin Guiding Star Model-27, Annin Maple Leaf Model 10A, Eder Maple Leaf Model ML-1, Annin Battalion Lance Model 138


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