Parade Flag Carrying Belt, All Styles


Enhance your marching bands, color guards, and military ceremonies with our versatile Parade Flag Carrying Belts. Choose from adjustable options in full cotton webbing, a combination of webbing and leather, or full leather. The securely riveted plastic cup accommodates various flagpole diameters. Opt for single or double sling styles for added comfort during longer parades. Display your flags with pride and ease during ceremonial events.

Parade Sling Style Belt Material Cup Holder Material
Single Webbing Webbing
Double Webbing Webbing
Single Webbing Leather with Plastic Cup
Double Webbing Leather with Plastic Cup
Single Leather Leather with Plastic Cup
Double Leather Leather with Plastic Cup


Introducing our versatile Parade Flag Carrying Belt, an essential accessory for marching bands, color guards, and military organizations. Available in a range of styles and colors, these belts ensure a seamless display of flags during ceremonial events.

Choose from full webbing or a combination of webbing and leather in both single and double formats. The durable construction ensures reliable support for your flags throughout parades and events. The plastic cup securely riveted to the leather backing holds flagpoles with diameters of 1″, 1 1/8″, 1 1/4″, or 1 3/8″.

Furthermore, in single sling style, the belt gracefully drapes around the neck, offering a comfortable and secure grip on the flagpole. Our double sling style provides added support and convenience, making it perfect for parades with heavier flag sets. Additionally, it also suits extended marching durations.

Available in classic white or black colors, our full webbing belts offer a sleek and minimalist look. For an elegant touch, choose the combination of webbing and leather in matching white or black, blending style and functionality seamlessly. Additionally, our full leather belts come in three classic colors: white, black, and russet, making them a perfect complement to your attire and flag display.

During performances and parades, our Parade Flag Carrying Belts ensure a professional and polished appearance. Adjustable design caters to various sizes and preferences, ensuring a comfortable fit for all users. Secure attachment in the plastic cup ensures worry-free flag handling, letting you focus on performance and presentation.

Enhance your ceremonial events with our Parade Flag Carrying Belt, a durable and stylish solution for displaying flags with pride. Choose from full webbing, webbing and leather, or full leather designs. These belts elevate your presentation for a memorable parade. Pick the perfect style and color, let our Parade Flag Carrying Belt enhance your group’s march with elegance and confidence.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 lbs
Parade Sling Style

Double, Single

Parade Sling Color

Black, Russet, White

Belt Material

Leather, Webbing

Cup Holder Material

Leather with Plastic Cup, Webbing


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