Flagpole Cleats, Aluminum & Nylon All Sizes


Cleats are essential for anchoring the rope halyard on External Halyard flagpoles and boat docks. Available in various colors and materials, they provide a reliable solution for securing flags.

The 4 1/8″ cast nylon cleats feature a 1 1/8″ distance between holes and come with two #10-1-1/2″ self-tapping mounting screws. The light-duty aluminum cleats are either 4 1/2″, 3/4″ distance between holes, or 6″, 1″ distance between holes.  Both are lightweight and suitable for light-duty applications.

For standard use, the cast aluminum cleats are available in Silver, Bronze #313, White, or Black. The 6″, 2″ distance between holes, and 9″, 2 3/4″ distance between holes, come with two 1/4″-20NC stainless steel mounting screws. These cleats provide a reliable anchoring solution for regular flagpole usage.

For heavy-duty applications, the heavy-duty cleat features a 4 7/8″ distance between holes and includes two 3/8″-16NC stainless steel mounting screws. This robust cleat is designed to withstand demanding environments and provide secure flag attachment.

These cleats offer durability, functionality, and easy installation. Whether for residential, commercial, or marine use, they provide a secure anchoring point for the halyard and ensure the flag remains firmly in place.

Choose the appropriate cleat size, material, and color to meet your specific needs and enjoy a reliable and secure flagpole setup.


Eder Flags offers a range of flagpole cleats, including nylon, light-duty, standard, and heavy-duty options. Additionally these cleats are designed to provide secure and reliable attachment points for flags of various sizes. Accordingly let’s explore the different types available:

1. Nylon Cleat:
The nylon cleat from Eder Flags is available in grey or white and measures 4 1/8″ in length. It is crafted from durable nylon material, known for its strength and resistance to outdoor elements. This cleat offers a reliable and lightweight option for securing flags to flagpoles.

2. Light-Duty Cleat:
The light-duty cleat is available in two lengths: 4 1/2″ and 6″. Additionally it comes in silver, bronze #313, white, or black color options. The light-duty cleat is designed for smaller to medium-sized flags and offers a balance of durability and aesthetics. It is suitable for residential or light commercial use.

3. Standard Cleat:
The standard cleat is available in two lengths: 6″ and 9″. Similar to the light-duty cleat, it comes in silver, bronze #313, white, or black colors. Withstanding a range of weather conditions, the standard cleat securely attaches medium to large-sized flags. It is a popular choice for both residential and commercial flag displays.

4. Heavy-Duty Cleat:
The heavy-duty cleat is the largest option, measuring 14 3/4″ in length. Additionally it is available in silver, bronze #313, white, or black colors. Designing this robust cleat specifically for larger flags and commercial-grade flagpoles ensures its suitability for such applications. The heavy-duty construction ensures maximum strength and durability, making it suitable for high wind areas or flags that require extra stability.

Indeed Eder Flags constructs all cleats with precision and meticulous attention to detail. Made from high-quality materials, they ensure longevity and optimal performance in outdoor environments. The various length and color options allow you to select a cleat that suits your specific flagpole and desired aesthetic.

When installing these cleats, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper placement and secure mounting. It is important to choose a cleat that matches the size and weight of your flag to ensure a secure and reliable attachment.

In conclusion, Eder Flags offers a comprehensive selection of flagpole cleats, including nylon, light-duty, standard, and heavy-duty options. Furthermore, these cleats provide secure and durable attachment points for flags of different sizes, designed with precision and durability. Lastly Eder Flags cleats endure outdoor conditions and enhance flag displays for residential and commercial use.

Additional information

Weight 0.1875 lbs
Cleat Color

Gray, Silver, Bronze #313, White, Black

Cleat Size

Gray Cast Nylon, White Cast Nylon, 4 1/2" Light Duty, 6" Light Duty, 6" Standard Duty, 9" Standard Duty, 14 3/4" Heavy Duty


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