Glaser Nylon Flag Bunting, 62″ Width


Glaser Mills 200 Denier Bright Nylon type 6-6, DuPont Solar Max yarn is the most widely used nylon flag fabric in the United States today.  This nylon has lustrous colors, excellent durability for outdoor exposure, and at 3.1oz per square yard, is light weight for flyability. This fabric is specially prepared for outdoor flag usage!

Due to different screen displays, the corresponding PantoneTM number listed can be viewed here Find a Pantone Color.  Noted PMS colors of the nylon are the closest match to color guide.

**All orders of 30 yards or less of any color are folded and shipped out.  All orders of colors of 31 yards or more are shipped on full width tube via ground service.**

**There are absolutely no returns on any cut yardage of fabric once it has been cut.**


Advertising Flag Company offers Glaser Nylon Flag Bunting as a premium fabric option. Renowned for its exceptional quality and durability, it is made from Type 6/6 200 denier nylon fabric. Specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of outdoor flag displays, this flag bunting ensures vibrant colors and durability against the elements.

One of the standout features of the nylon is its extensive range of color options. With over 60 different shades available, you have an abundance of choices to match your specific needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking for bold and vibrant colors or subtle and elegant tones, you can find the perfect shade to complement your design or event theme.

Sold by the yard, the nylon bunting offers flexibility and convenience in customization. Purchase the precise yardage needed to create flags of any size or utilize the fabric for versatile decorative purposes. Glaser Flag Bunting’s versatility suits various applications, from flag making to craft projects, event decorations, and beyond.

The Type 6/6 200 denier fabric used in the flag bunting provides exceptional strength and durability. Known for its durability, Glaser Nylon Bunting resists fading, fraying, and tearing, ensuring vibrant appearance and structural integrity. Trust in the resilience of Glaser Nylon, ensuring it maintains visual impact even with daily outdoor and indoor display.

Glaser Nylon Bunting is a trusted choice for individuals, businesses, and organizations seeking top-quality fabric for their flag-related projects. Glaser Flag Bunting: versatile, durable, and visually appealing with a wide color range and convenient yardage purchase. Enhance flag displays and crafts with Glaser Nylon Flag Bunting, experiencing its lasting beauty and impactful results.

Additional information

Glaser Mills Nylon Color Shades

Aqua – PMS 338, Bell Blue – PMS 641U, Black, Bluebird – PMS 292, Blueflower – PMS 2975, Bone – PMS 468, Brick Red – PMS 188, Bright Green – PMS 356, Bright Red – PMS 032, Buff – PMS 141, Burnt Orange – PMS 166, Canada Red – PMS 1797, Charcoal – PMS 424, Crimson – PMS 214, Crocus – PMS 211, Daffodil – PMS 108, Dahlia – PMS 2415, Dartmouth Green – PMS 350, Deep Blue – PMS 2738, Emerald Green – PMS 3425, Flame – PMS 1805, Flesh – PMS 4685, FM Yellow – PMS 106, French Blue – PMS 285, Gold – PMS 7563, Gold Brown – PMS 470, Golden Poppy – PMS 151, Grey – PMS 7538, International Orange – PMS 165, Irish Green – PMS 349, Lavender – PMS 2587, Legion Blue – PMS 2756, Light Tan – PMS 7508, Magenta – PMS 226, Maroon – PMS 5115, Mint Green – PMS 360, Mustard – PMS 130, National Flag Blue – PMS 289, Nickel – PMS 7539, Old Glory Blue – PMS 2768, Old Glory Red – PMS 187, Olive – PMS 378, Orange – PMS 172, Pansy – PMS 2617, Parrot Blue – PMS 321, Peach – PMS 148, Peacock – PMS 2945, Process Blue – PMS 299, Purple – PMS 2695, Royal Blue – PMS 286, Ruby – PMS 229, Rust – PMS 167, Salmon – PMS 178, Sandalwood – PMS 7567, Scarab Green – PMS 369, Seafoam – PMS 332, Silver – PMS 7534, Spanish Yellow – PMS 1235, Spice Brown – PMS 1545, Tan – PMS 7509, Teal – PMS 316, Turquoise – PMS 3145, UN Blue – PMS 279, Warm Red – PMS Warm Red, White, Wineberry – PMS 222


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