Internal Halyard Door & Frame, All Sizes


Introducing our Internal Halyard Door & Frame unit, tailored for 5″ diameter flagpoles with rope-style internal halyard systems. This unit features a hinged door on the front and an optional cam cleat on the back for added convenience. Installation is secure and straightforward, utilizing eight 1/4″-20NC stainless steel screws. The minimum hole opening required is 5 1/2″ x 3 1/4″. For enhanced security, each unit comes with a lock and keys. Choose from standard colors including Satin, Clear, Bronze #313, White, or Black to complement your flagpole’s aesthetic seamlessly.


Eder Flag Company’s “Internal Halyard Door & Frame” presents a comprehensive solution for 5″ diameter flagpoles employing rope-style internal halyard systems. This unit seamlessly integrates functionality and durability, offering a reliable means to showcase flags with pride.

The design of the Internal Halyard Door & Frame involves a hinged door mounted to the front of the frame, presenting an organized and streamlined appearance. Mounting an optional cam cleat on the back of the frame adds convenience and security. Additionally, this cam cleat serves as a practical mechanism for locking and securing the halyard in place, ensuring the flag remains steadfast in various weather conditions.

Installation of this unit is straightforward yet robust. The entire assembly, comprising the hinged door and frame, is inserted into the flagpole shaft and securely fastened using eight 1/4″-20NC stainless steel screws. This construction ensures stability and longevity, providing peace of mind for those seeking a durable and dependable internal halyard system.

The minimum hole opening required for the Internal Halyard Door & Frame is 5 1/2″ x 3 1/4″, making it compatible with flagpoles of various sizes. This adaptability adds to the versatility of the product. It accommodates different flagpole specifications, allowing users to select the most suitable unit for their needs.

Furthermore, the unit enhances security and control over flagpole access by supplying a lock and keys. Valuable in public or commercial settings, it ensures the flag display’s integrity is of paramount importance.

Customers personalize flagpoles with standard colors: Satin, Clear, Bronze #313, White, or Black, ensuring a cohesive and attractive appearance. This array of finishes allows for seamless integration with the overall design and aesthetics of the flagpole and its surroundings.

In essence, Eder’s Internal Halyard Door & Frame serves as a reliable, secure solution for flag displays on 5″ diameter flagpoles. It also offers an aesthetically pleasing design. From its durable construction to the optional cam cleat and customizable color options, this unit reflects a commitment to quality. It also demonstrates innovation in meeting the diverse needs of flag enthusiasts and organizations alike.

Additional information

Weight 2.8 lbs
Halyard Door Color

Satin, Clear, Bronze #313, White, Black

Door Frame Style

With Cam Cleat, No Cam Cleat, Lock & Keys, Key Only


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