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Celebrate Micronesia’s heritage with our durable nylon flag. Its vibrant colors and intricate design showcase pride and unity. Perfect for home, schools, and special events, this flag withstands any weather while maintaining its vivid appearance. Embrace the spirit of Micronesia with this high-quality symbol of patriotism.

Micronesia became part of the United Nations strategic trust territory, Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands under the administrative control of the United States.  The country consists of the four states of Yap, Chuuk, Pohnpei, and Kosrae.  Together these four states comprise around 600+ islands.  The combined island lie northeast of New Guinea, south of Guam and the Marianas, west of Nauru and the Marshall Islands, east of Palau and the Philippines and north of eastern Australia, southeast of Japan and southwest of the main islands of Hawaii.  Palikir is the capital and the current flag design has been in use since November 30, 1978.

Our high-quality state flags meet required specifications, utilizing digital printing technology on durable nylon material. They feature canvas heading with brass grommets or canvas roped heading with galvanized thimbles for larger sizes. Presentation flags with gold fringe, pole hem sleeve, and mounting tabs are ideal for ceremonies, offices, courtrooms, schools, or parades.

For a complete display, our indoor mounting kit includes an oak finish flagpole, styrene Fancy Spear, Liberty Floor Stand, and Gold Cord with Tassels.

  FMAA Certified


The flag of the Federated States of Micronesia, crafted from high-quality nylon and certified by the Flag Manufacturers Association of America (FMAA), is a vibrant symbol of unity and national pride for this unique island nation in the western Pacific Ocean. The flag represents Micronesian culture, natural beauty, and aspirations through its striking design and meaningful elements.

Additionally the flag of Micronesia features a light blue field with four white five-pointed stars arranged in a diamond pattern in the center. The blue background symbolizes the Pacific Ocean, while the four stars represent Micronesia’s four states: Chuuk, Kosrae, Pohnpei, and Yap. The stars also represent the guiding principles of the nation: faith, trust, peace, and love.

Crafted with precision and using top-quality nylon fabric, the Micronesian flag ensures durability and vibrant colors. The FMAA certification guarantees the flag’s authenticity, meeting the highest manufacturing standards for an accurate national representation.

Additionally the flag holds deep significance, representing Micronesia’s shared history, cultural diversity, and aspirations for a prosperous future. It is proudly displayed at government buildings, schools, businesses, and homes, serving as a symbol of unity and national identity.

The nylon flag material is fade-resistant and suitable for indoor and outdoor use, withstanding different weather conditions. The Micronesia flag, flown or displayed indoors, symbolizes cultural heritage, unity, and the nation’s place in the Pacific.

Displaying the FMAA certified Micronesia flag honors the unique identity, resilience, and spirit of the Micronesian people. The flag reminds of the nation’s rich history, natural beauty, and the aspirations and values of its citizens.

In conclusion the FMAA certified nylon Micronesia flag is a vibrant symbol of unity and national pride for the Federated States. The flag represents Micronesian culture, natural beauty, and aspirations through its distinct design, durable construction, and vibrant colors. Lastly displaying the Micronesia flag demonstrates a deep connection to the nation’s heritage, unity, and the collective spirit of its citizens.

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