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The New York City flag combines the colors of orange, white, and blue arranged in perpendicular bars of equal dimensions (the blue being nearest to the flagstaff) with the standard design of the seal of the city in blue on the white section with the date of 1625.  A design which was influenced by the Prince’s flag of the United Netherlands.  In 1914, to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the installation of the first mayor under English rule, a committee was formed to come up with a city seal and flag.  The flag design was approved in 1915 and the current design dates back to 1977.

Our larger outdoor municipal flags are crafted to official design specifications. Using advanced digital printing technology, we replicate intricate designs on durable and fast-drying 100% heavyweight nylon material. Every flag is professionally sewn and features a strong canvas heading with brass grommets for easy display.


The New York City flag symbolizes the city’s rich history, diverse culture, and iconic landmarks with its unique design. The flag consists of a vertical tricolor of blue, white, and orange stripes. The blue stripe represents the city’s loyalty and perseverance, while the white stripe symbolizes purity and innocence. The orange stripe embodies the vibrant energy and enthusiasm of New York City’s residents, inspired by its Dutch heritage.

At the center of the flag is the city’s official seal, which is encircled by a white band. The seal depicts a shield with a sailing ship, symbolizing the city’s maritime history and its status as a major port. Above the shield is an eagle with outstretched wings, representing freedom and strength.

Surrounding the shield are several important elements that showcase the city’s cultural and economic significance. These include a beaver, representing the fur trade; a windmill, symbolizing Dutch colonial heritage; and a flour barrel, representing the city’s role as a major trading center. Additionally, the city’s motto, “Sigillum Civitatis Novi Eboraci,” which translates to “Seal of the City of New York,” is displayed on a blue banner beneath the shield.

The New York City flag is available in various sizes, including 2’x3′, 3’x5′, 4’x6′, 5’x8′, and 6’x10′, to suit different display needs. Constructed from durable nylon material, flag designers have designed this flag to withstand the outdoor elements. The nylon fabric is lightweight, allowing the flag to flutter gracefully even in the slightest breeze. Its vibrant colors are fade-resistant, ensuring that the flag remains bold and vibrant over time, whether displayed outdoors or indoors.

We professionally finish each flag with a canvas heading and brass grommets, ensuring easy attachment to flagpoles or other display mechanisms. Furthermore, the durable construction ensures that the flag will remain in excellent condition even in outdoor environments.

Displaying the NYC flag proudly shows love and connection to the city, fostering a sense of civic pride. Additionally, it serves as a visual representation of NYS’s rich cultural heritage and pride. Furthermore, the flag unifies the community, flown at government buildings, schools, businesses, or private residences, symbolizing pride and unity. Lastly, it showcases the vibrant spirit of the community to the world, symbolizing unity and pride.

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