Spear Flag Pole Toppers, All Styles


The Spear Ornament style has been around for centuries and it makes a great traditional flag pole topper ornament for indoor flag presentation sets.

There are many styles of spear flagpole ornaments available these days.  All of the styles will work with any of the oak finish flagpoles listed within the store.  When it comes to aluminum flagpoles, certain manufacturers used specific threading, so you have to pay close attention on which design you pick.

You can choose between ABS Plastic and Metal.  Some have removable ferrules and some don’t.  Some are referred to as Round, Flag, or Fancy.  All will have a 7/8″ inside ferrule diameter.

The designs we currently offer are from Annin and Eder, but we can also supply designs by Flagzone or Valley Forge.  If you have any questions, please reach out to customer service.

Model Material Length Removable Ferrule Fits Oak Finish Flagpole Fits Aluminum Flagpole
85SG Round Plastic 8 1/4″ No Yes Not Eder Brand
85G Round Metal 8″ Yes Yes Not Eder Brand
31S Fancy Plastic 7 3/4″ No Yes Not Eder Brand
31G Fancy Metal 8″ Yes Yes Not Eder Brand
Classic Universal Plastic 9″ No Yes Not Eder Brand
Staff Metal 7″ Yes Yes Not Eder Brand
S-105 Round Metal 8″ Yes Yes Eder and Some Others
S-102 Flat Metal 7 1/2″ Yes Yes Eder and Some Others



Spear flag pole toppers crown flagpoles with elegance and are decorative finials for parades, color guard, and church displays. Annin and Eder Flag offer various spear styles, catering to different preferences and purposes as well-known manufacturers.

Annin Flagmakers present an array of spear flag pole toppers, starting with the Style 85 Gold or Silver Round Spears. These come in plated zinc-aluminum alloy or ABS plastic, providing options for both durability and cost-effectiveness. The round shape exudes a classic look, making it suitable for traditional flag displays.

Moreover, for those seeking a more ornate design, Annin offers the Style 31 Fancy spear in Gold. This intricate spear features delicate detailing and complements formal occasions and religious ceremonies with its grand appearance. In addition, like Style 85, it’s available in zinc-aluminum alloy or ABS plastic, granting users freedom to choose based on needs.

Annin’s 9″ Classic Universal Spear offers a balanced design in Gold or Silver color, made of durable ABS plastic. The universal spear is versatile, suitable for parades, color guard events, or church displays, and various other settings.

Annin’s 7″ Staff Spear is a popular choice for its charming appearance. Made of Brass or Chrome, it provides an appealing gleam and adds an element of sophistication to any flag display. The staff spear suits formal events and memorial services, enhancing the occasion’s solemnity with its elegant flagpole topper.

Eder Flag’s 8″ metal Gold Round spear complements traditional flagpoles and formal settings with its simplicity and regal charm. Crafted from metal, the finial gains durability and longevity.

Lastly, Eder Flag offers the 7 1/2″ Style S-102 metal Flat Spear. The flat top and sleek appearance characterize this unique design. The metal construction ensures sturdiness, making it ideal for regular use during parades or flag displays.

All the spear flag pole toppers mentioned above have a standard 7/8″ inside ferrule diameter, ensuring compatibility with most flagpoles. This makes them easy to install and interchange, allowing users to switch finials based on the occasion or display requirements.

Finial choices from Annin and Eder Flag promise elegance and reverence for any flagpole, whether classic or metal designs. Lastly, spear flag pole toppers showcase quality and aesthetics, offering a wide selection for various occasions and preferences.

Additional information

Weight 0.3 lbs
Flagpole Topper Color

Gold, Silver

Flagpole Topper Material

Metal, Plastic

Spear Flagpole Topper

Annin Round Spear Model 85C, Annin Round Spear Model 85SC, Annin Round Spear Model 85SG, Annin Round Spear Model 85G, Annin Fancy Spear Model 31S, Annin Fancy Spear Model 31G, Annin Classic Universal Spear, Annin Staff Spear, Eder Round Spear Model S-105, Eder Flat Spear Model S-102


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