Pointed Bottom Ferrule, 5 1/4″ Long


Elevate Your Military Guidon Flagpole with Our Premium Replacement Bottom Ferrule

Enhance the performance and appearance of your Military Guidon flagpole with our top-quality 5 1/4″ long replacement bottom ferrule. Crafted to perfection, this ferrule is specifically designed to fit flagpoles with a 13/16″ outside pole diameter, ensuring a snug and secure fit.

Choose from two elegant finishes, gold or silver, to match your flagpole’s aesthetics and make a statement of distinction. With easy installation and durability built-in, our replacement bottom ferrule ensures your Military Guidon flagpole stands tall and proud, ready to honor and display your flag with the respect it deserves. Upgrade today for a flagpole that truly stands out.


Eder Flag’s Pointed Bottom Ferrule enhances flagpole functionality and appearance, serving as a versatile and essential component. Designed for 13/16″ pole diameters, this 5 1/4″ ferrule ensures reliable flagpole performance.

The pointed bottom ferrule securely holds the flag in place at the bottom of the flagpole. The pointed shape ensures easy insertion into the ground or suitable surfaces, offering stability and preventing flag displacement during display. Proper alignment and tension are vital for flawlessly raising and flying the flag, making the bottom ferrule essential.

The Pointed Bottom Ferrule is particularly significant in military and ceremonial settings, used with a Military Guidon flagpole. Guidons are small, swallow-tailed flags carried by military units as an identifying marker. The Pointed Bottom Ferrule is a fitting base for the Military Guidon flagpole, enabling precise attachment during ceremonies.

In addition to military applications, various other contexts also utilize this replacement ferrule. Government buildings, schools, events, and civic organizations commonly employ it for outdoor flag displays. The pointed bottom ferrule’s compatibility with various pole diameters ensures adaptability and convenience in different flagpole settings.

Eder Flags’ Pointed Bottom Ferrule exhibits exceptional craftsmanship and durability, offered by a reputable flag and flagpole supplier. Crafted with precision and quality materials, this ferrule withstands elements and frequent use while maintaining functionality.

Eder Flag’s Pointed Bottom Ferrule offers a reliable and elegant solution for both Military Guidon flagpoles and other flagpole types. Whether you need a replacement or a new ferrule, this option ensures a secure and dignified flag presentation. Securely fit and display your flag with pride using this easy-to-install ferrule, compatible with various pole diameters. Elevate your flag presentation with this practical and versatile ferrule, ensuring a sense of honor and respect during displays.

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