Stainless Steel Heavy-Duty Snap Hook, 4 3/4″ LENGTH


Secure your large flags with our stainless steel swivel snap hook. Ideal for flags 12′ x 18′ and larger. Easy to replace. Large: 4 3/4″ Length.

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Enhance your flag display with the superior quality and functionality of the Eder Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Flag Snap Hook. Specifically designed to accommodate flags measuring 12’x18′ and larger, this snap hook ensures a secure and dependable attachment for your flags.

Crafted from top-grade stainless steel, this flag snap hook excels in durability and boasts remarkable resistance to corrosion, making it capable of withstanding a wide range of weather conditions. Its large eye opening facilitates effortless attachment to flag grommets, streamlining the process of raising your flag with ease and convenience.

Thanks to its construction, this snap hook guarantees exceptional strength and long-lasting performance. It is purposefully engineered to withstand the weight and size of larger flags, ensuring a solid and secure connection between the flag and the flagpole. Whether you’re displaying flags in residential areas or commercial spaces, the Eder Heavy-Duty Flag Snap Hook proves to be a reliable choice.

The snap hook features a spring-loaded closure mechanism, providing a secure and reliable attachment point for your flag. It allows for easy attachment and detachment, facilitating convenient flag changes and maintenance.  The sturdy construction of these snap hooks ensures secure attachment of the flag, preventing accidental detachment even in windy conditions.

Installation of the heavy-duty stainless steel flag snap hook is quick and easy. Attach the snap hook to your flag’s grommet, then secure it to the halyard or rope on the flagpole. The swivel design allows the flag to move freely, reducing stress on the flag and ensuring it flies proudly.

Besides flagpoles, this versatile snap hook finds applications in boating, camping, hiking, and various other areas. Rather its versatile design and robust construction make it a versatile accessory for various purposes.

The snap hook’s sleek design adds elegance to your flag display while offering practical advantages. The stainless steel finish perfectly complements the overall aesthetic of your flagpole, elevating the appearance of your flags. Thoughtfully crafted, this snap hook seamlessly blends with any flagpole design, enhancing the visual appeal of your flag presentation.

By investing in high-quality flagpole accessories, you ensure a professional and impressive flag display. For captivating flag presentations that showcase patriotism, promote businesses, or commemorate events, this snap hook offers reliability and security.

In conclusion, invest in the Stainless Steel Swivel Snap Hook to elevate your flag display with durability and convenience. Lastly this reliable flagpole accessory ensures your flag flies proudly and remains securely attached in various environments.

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