California Republic Bear Flag, All Sizes


FThe California Republic Bear lag, flown for 25 days in 1846, represents a short-lived breakaway state in northern California. Explore our store for other historical flags.


The California Republic Bear Flag holds a significant place in the history of California and the United States. This flag is a historical reproduction that captures the essence of the original bear flag raised during the Bear Flag Revolt in 1846.

The design of the California Republic Bear Flag is simple yet powerful. It features a white field with a red stripe along the bottom.  The words “California Republic” are inscribed in bold red letters below the bear.

The bear symbolizes strength, power, and independence, reflecting the spirit of the California settlers who rebelled against Mexican rule during the Bear Flag Revolt. Many of the California rebels drew inspiration from the Texan fight for independence, symbolized by the red star.

Crafted from high-quality nylon material, the flag is a historical reproduction. Nylon’s durability and weather resistance make the flag suitable for indoor and outdoor display with pride.

To enhance durability, we finish the flag with grommets. Grommets are metal or plastic rings that reinforce holes for hanging or attaching the flag.  This feature allows for easy and secure installation of the flag.

The flag serves as a symbol of California’s early struggle for independence and self-governance. It represents the pioneering spirit and the desire for freedom that characterized the state’s early settlers. Today, the flag continues to be a beloved emblem of California’s unique identity and rich history.

The California Republic Bear Flag is a powerful reminder of the state’s heritage and ideals, displayed in various settings. It pays tribute to brave individuals and the enduring spirit of the Golden State.

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