Eder Adjustable Flagpole Bracket, All Styles


Easily display your flag with Eder Flag’s cast aluminum adjustable brackets. Choose between Ultimate or Standard styles for 15/16″ or 1″ flagpoles. Enjoy adjustable positions, secure thumb screws, and versatile slots for windsocks or fiberglass rods. Perfect for flags or decorative banners.

Ultimate Adjustable Standard Adjustable
Origin Imported Made in U.S.A.
Adjust Positions 13 Different Positions including Vertical and Horizontal 25°, 50°, 65°, Vertical, and Horizontal
Shaft Length @3 1/4″ @3 1/2″
Mounting Base @3 1/2″ X 2 1/2″ @3″ X 3″
Mounting Screws No Yes
Finish Painted Silver or White Powder Coated
Can Use Stainless Steel Bands Yes No


The Eder Adjustable Flagpole bracket is available in two options: the Ultimate and Standard Aluminum brackets.

The Ultimate Eder Adjustable flagpole bracket, available in white or silver painted finish, is designed with versatility in mind. It features an impressive 13 different positions, including vertical and horizontal orientations. You can customize the angle of flag display, ensuring maximum visibility and personalized positioning. The bracket features an EZ-Grip Thumb Screw that securely holds your flagpole in place within the bracket shaft. Additionally, the open slots on the bracket’s back enable you to insert a 1/4″ diameter fiberglass rod if you wish to display a windsock. The Ultimate bracket also includes mounting screws for easy installation.

The Standard Eder Adjustable flagpole bracket provides a reliable and sturdy option for displaying your flag. It comes in standard silver finish, as well as powder-coated white, black, or gold options, allowing you to choose the color that best suits your aesthetic preferences. With five different positions available, including vertical, 25 degrees, 50 degrees, 65 degrees, and horizontal, the Standard bracket offers flexibility while maintaining a sleek appearance. Like the Ultimate bracket, it also includes mounting screws for convenient installation.

Both the Ultimate and Standard Eder Adjustable Flagpole brackets are perfect for displaying flags or decorative banners. They are among the various flagpole parts and accessories available from Eder Flag. Whether you prefer the extensive adjustability of the Ultimate bracket or the simplicity and reliability of the Standard bracket, you can trust in the quality and craftsmanship that Eder Flag consistently delivers.

Upgrade your flag display with Eder Flag’s Ultimate or Standard Aluminum adjustable brackets. Choose the Ultimate for 13 adjustable positions and a choice of white or silver finish. Opt for the Standard with 5 positions and standard silver or powder-coated white, black, or gold options. We include mounting screws for easy installation. Elevate your flag presentation with these high-quality brackets.

Additional information

Weight 0.8875 lbs
Adjustable Bracket

Black Standard, Gold Standard, Silver Standard, White Standard, Silver Ultimate, White Ultimate, Stainless Steel Strap – Up to 8 1/2" Diameter Pole, Stainless Steel Strap – Up to 12" Diameter Pole, Stainless Steel Strap – Up to 16" Diameter Pole


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