Flagpole Truck Adapter, All Styles


Easily create external revolving flagpole systems or repair damaged top insert threads with our cap-style flagpole truck adapters. Made of cast aluminum, these adapters feature 1 1/4″ NPT spindle threading and secure tightly to your pole using stainless steel set screws.

Fits Pole Top Outside Diameter Set Screw Size
2 3/8″ Three 1/4″ – 20NC
2 1/2″ Three 1/4″ – 20NC
3″ Three 1/4″ – 20NC
3 1/2″ Three 1/4″ – 20NC
4″ Three 1/4″ – 20NC
4 1/2″ Three 1/4″ – 20NC
5″ Three 1/4″ – 20NC
5 1/2″ Three 1/4″ – 20NC
6″ Three 1/4″ – 20NC



The Aluminum Cap Style Pole Top Adapters offered by Eder Flag Company are perfect for creating a revolving flag pole system. By adding a rotating flagpole truck to the adapter, you can enjoy the beauty of a flag that gracefully spins in the wind. These adapters are available in nine different sizes, ensuring compatibility with various flagpole diameters.

With their cap-style design, these adapters provide a secure and aesthetic solution for mounting the rotating flagpole truck. The cap style ensures a snug fit, preventing any unwanted movement or wobbling. Made from high-quality aluminum, these adapters are built to withstand the outdoor elements and maintain their functionality over time.

Eder Flag Company offers the Aluminum Cap Style Pole Top Adapters in four different colors: Silver, Bronze #313, White, and Black. This variety allows you to choose the color that best complements your flagpole and surrounding environment. Whether you prefer a classic silver look or a more subtle bronze or black finish, there is an option for every preference and style.

Installation of the cap style pole top adapter is straightforward and hassle-free. The adapter securely attaches to the top of the flagpole, and the rotating flagpole truck is then mounted onto the adapter. Set up your flagpole system quickly and start enjoying the rotating motion of your flag with this simple process.

The Aluminum Cap Style Pole Top Adapters from Eder Flag Company are not only functional but also durable. Designed for all weather conditions, our adapters ensure your flagpole system remains intact and reliable in rain, wind, or sunshine. The high-quality aluminum construction guarantees longevity and minimal maintenance.

Investing in an Aluminum Cap Style Pole Top Adapter is a fantastic way to enhance your flag-flying experience. Witnessing your flag gracefully rotate with the wind adds an extra touch of beauty and elegance to any flagpole display. Furthermore you can trust Eder Flag Company’s reliable products to showcase your flag with pride and distinction.

In conclusion, create a captivating revolving flagpole system with an Aluminum Cap Style Pole Top Adapter from Eder Flag Company. Lastly experience the joy of watching your flag dance in the breeze while proudly displaying your patriotism.

Additional information

Weight 0.65 lbs
Pole Top Colors

Silver, Bronze #313, White, Black

Pole Top Sizes

2 3/8" Pole Dia, 2 1/2" Pole Dia, 3" Pole Dia, 3 1/2" Pole Dia, 4" Pole Dia, 4 1/2" Pole Dia, 5" Pole Dia, 5 1/2" Pole Dia, 6" Pole Dia


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