South Side Irish Flag, With Family Name 3′ X 5′


Display your South Side Irish pride with a personalized flag featuring your family name, perfect for parades and showcasing heritage. Crafted with heavy-duty white nylon and vibrant silk-screened Irish Green ink, our flag boasts a design that reads correctly on the front side and reverses on the backside. Finished with a canvas heading and brass grommets, it’s an ideal gift for friends and family. Proudly made in our near south suburb factory in Posen.

**Lead time is typically around 3 to 6 days and you can either pick up the flag or we can ship it out to you.  We will email you a layout proof prior to production.**

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The South Side Irish flag, crafted by the Advertising Flag Company, stands as a testament to heritage, pride, and familial bonds. Measuring 3’x5′, this iconic flag is fashioned from durable white nylon fabric, ensuring longevity and resilience against the elements. Adorned with vivid Irish Green ink, silk-screened onto the pristine white canvas, the flag embodies the rich cultural heritage of the South Side Irish community.

What sets this flag apart is its personalized touch—a designated area at the bottom allows individuals to inscribe their family name, transforming the flag into a cherished heirloom that celebrates lineage and tradition. Henceforth, this feature elevates the flag beyond a mere symbol; it becomes a tangible representation of familial pride and solidarity, passed down through generations.

Additionally, the choice of materials underscores the flag’s quality and durability. Nylon, known for its strength and weather-resistant properties, ensures that the flag can withstand outdoor conditions with grace. Whether unfurled in March’s brisk winds or basking in summer’s warmth, the flag retains its vibrant colors. It’s a beacon of Irish heritage.

The silk-screened Irish Green ink adds depth and vibrancy to the flag’s design, capturing the essence of Ireland’s verdant landscapes and storied history. Every ink stroke reveres the South Side Irish legacy, deeply honoring the resilience and spirit of its people.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the South Side Irish flag serves as a unifying emblem for the community. It symbolizes shared values, traditions, and experiences that bind individuals together, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie. Whether displayed outside a home, business, or community center, the flag serves as a focal point for gatherings and celebrations. It unites neighbors and friends in shared pride and heritage.

Furthermore, the flag’s customization lets families claim South Side Irish identity, adding a personal touch to the narrative. By inscribing their family name, individuals carve out a space within the community’s tapestry of history. They ensure that their legacy endures for years to come.

Indeed the flag symbolizes resilience, kinship, and cultural pride, transcending its fabric composition to embody profound significance. Crafted with care by, it stands as a beacon of solidarity for the South Side Irish community. In conclusion, it honors the past while embracing the future with hope and optimism.

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