United States Historical Desk Flag, All Styles


Introducing the United States Historical Desk Flag – a 4″x6″ reproduction of various star patterns used in the U.S. flag’s history. Each flag is crafted on polyester fabric using advanced digital printing technology, hemmed stitched on all sides, and stapled onto a 3/16″ x 10″ black plastic staff with gilt spear tip. These desk flags add a vibrant touch to floral arrangements and can be grouped together for diverse tabletop displays. Ideal for history lessons, they visually enrich the learning experience.

  1. 20-Stars 1818 – 1819:  Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi, Ohio, and Tennessee
  2. 21-Stars 1819 – 1820:  Illinois
  3. 24-Stars 1822 – 1836:  Missouri
  4. 30-Stars 1848 – 1851:  Wisconsin
  5. 33-Stars 1859 – 1861:  Oregon
  6. 34-Stars 1861 – 1863:  Kansas
  7. 35-Stars 1863 – 1865:  West Virginia
  8. 36-Stars 1865 – 1867:  Nevada
  9. 37-Stars 1867 – 1877:  Nebraska
  10. 38-Stars 1877 – 1890:  Colorado
  11. 48-Stars 1912 – 1959:  Arizona and New Mexico
  12. 49-Stars 1959 – 1960:  Alaska
  13. 50-Stars 1960 – Present:  Hawaii

 FMAA Certified


Annin Flagmakers presents the United States Historical Desk Flag, a reproduction of various star patterns used throughout the U.S. flag’s history. This collection includes flags representing significant moments such as the 20-star flag (1818-1819) symbolizing Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi, Ohio, and Tennessee, and the 50-star flag (1960-present) representing Hawaii. Each flag is meticulously crafted and certified by FMAA.

We print these historical desk flags on polyester-based fabric using cutting-edge digital printing technology. For durability, we hemmed stitch them on all four sides and staple them onto a 3/16″ x 10″ black plastic staff with a gilt spear tip.

Indeed vibrant colors and intricate designs add patriotism and elegance to any environment with these desk flags. Accordingly, these flags visually represent the evolution of the United States and its states, serving as reminders of our rich history.

Moreover, the United States Historical Desk Flags are not only decorative but also educational. Additionally, these flags offer an excellent educational opportunity to explore states’ admissions to the Union and our nation’s growth. Discover history!

Users can utilize these versatile flags in various ways. Add color to floral arrangements, elevate tabletop displays, and serve as valuable history lesson visual aids. Versatile and captivating!

Furthermore, Annin’s commitment to quality is evident in the FMAA certification of these historical desk flags. This certification ensures that you are purchasing a product that meets the highest industry standards for craftsmanship and durability.

Display your love for history and the United States with pride by owning the United States Historical Desk Flag collection. Experience the spirit and growth of our nation through these flags, perfect for personal enjoyment, education, or thoughtful gifting.

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US Historical Desk

20 Stars, 21 Stars, 24 Stars, 30 Stars, 33 Stars, 34 Stars, 35 Stars, 36 Stars, 37 Stars, 38 Stars, 48 Stars, 49 Stars, 50 Stars


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