United States Nylon Flag, All Styles


The United States nylon flags are the ultimate all-weather flags. They feature fast drying, brilliant colors, superior durability, and weather resistance. The specially designed nylon resists fading and the lightweight material allows it to fly even in the slightest breeze.

Vivid stars are expertly embroidered with ultra-bright polyester thread or, for larger flags, brilliant white star appliques. The double-needle stitched seams with premium polyester thread ensure strength and color-matched stripes with back-stitch reinforcements.

To reduce fraying and extend the flag’s life, there are four rows of lock-stitching on the fly ends (six rows for larger flags). Sturdy brass grommets provide flag security, and larger flags have a roped heading with galvanized thimbles on each end.

For added durability, flags 15′ X 25′ and larger are finished with reinforcing corner patches on the fly hem. These features ensure the longevity and resilience of the flag.

Choose the United States Colorfast flag for the highest quality and performance. It proudly displays the stars and stripes while standing up to any weather conditions.


The United States nylon flag holds deep significance as a powerful symbol of American pride and patriotism. Available in a wide range of sizes, from 12″x18″ up through 30’x60′, this flag allows individuals and communities to proudly display their love for their country.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each United States flag is made from high-quality nylon fabric renowned for its durability and longevity. This ensures that the flag can withstand the elements and retain its vibrant colors even when exposed to harsh weather conditions.

Flags measuring 12″x18″ up through 6’x10′ are equipped with sturdy brass grommets. These grommets not only provide a convenient and secure attachment point for flagpoles or other structures but also offer stability and resilience against strong winds.

For larger flags ranging from 8’x12′ up through 30’x60′, a canvas roped heading is utilized. This specialized heading, coupled with galvanized thimbles on each end, adds extra strength and stability to the flag, especially when hoisted on taller flagpoles.

It is important to note that all United States nylon flags produced by reputable manufacturers such as Annin Flagmakers, Flagzone, Valley Forge, and Eder Flag are FMAA certified. This certification, issued by the Flag Manufacturers Association of America, ensures that the flag adheres to stringent standards of quality, craftsmanship, and materials. By choosing an FMAA certified flag, individuals can have confidence in their purchase, knowing that they are acquiring a flag that represents the highest standards of excellence.

Regardless of the chosen size, the United States nylon flag from any FMAA manufacturer serves as a powerful representation of the nation’s enduring values and unity. Whether it is displayed in personal spaces or utilized for commercial or public exhibitions, this flag captures the essence of American identity and serves as a beacon of the nation’s ideals. Embrace the opportunity to showcase your patriotism and let the United States flag inspire and unite those who behold its majestic presence.

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12" X 18", 16" X 24", 20" X 30", 2' X 3', 2.5' X 4', 3' X 5', 4' X 6', 4 1/3' X 5 1/2', 5' X 8', 5' X 9.5', 6' X 10', 8' X 12', 10' X 15', 10' X 19', 12' X 18', 15' X 25', 20' X 30', 20' X 38', 25' X 40', 30' X 50', 30' X 60'


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