Used Cars Feather Flag, Nylon 3′ X 8′

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Annin Flagmakers’ Used Car Feather Flag is a powerful advertising tool for new and used car dealerships. Measuring 2’x8′, this high-quality flag is made of durable nylon, ensuring longevity and vibrancy in outdoor settings.

The sewn-shut top and Velcro tab bottom provide easy setup, making the flag wave proudly and attract attention from all directions.  Display hardware not included.

  FMAA Certified

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Introducing Annin Flagmakers’ Used Cars Feather Flag, a powerful advertising tool for new and used car dealerships seeking to draw attention and generate excitement. This high-quality flag measures 2’x8′ and is made of durable nylon, ensuring its longevity and vibrancy even in outdoor settings.

The flag’s striking yellow background and bold black lettering catch the eyes of passersby and potential customers. With meticulous attention to detail, this 2’x8′ flag has a 3″ unlined pole hem sleeve along the 8′ side for secure display.

Sewn-shut top and Velcro tab bottom enhance ease of use, allowing quick setup without additional hardware for dealerships. This seamless display experience ensures the flag waves proudly and attractively, drawing attention from all directions.

Additionally, for new and used car dealerships, attracting customers is essential to business success. The Used Car Feather Flag serves as a vibrant and inviting beacon that sets dealerships apart from competitors. Strategically placed at the lot’s entrance or near featured vehicles, the flag captures attention and generates buyer interest.

The 2’x8′ size ensures visibility from a distance, making it ideal for marketing in busy roads and high-traffic areas. Its high-contrast color scheme further enhances the flag’s visibility, making it impossible for passersby to overlook.

As customers approach the dealership, the yellow background conveys a sense of energy and excitement. The black lettering boldly spells out “Used Car,” instantly conveying the dealership’s specialty. This clear and concise message leaves a lasting impression and encourages potential buyers to explore the lot further.

Annin’s feather flag is both cost-effective advertising and an essential tool for driving foot traffic to dealerships. It announces promotions, showcases inventory, and boosts visibility, making it a valuable investment for expanding car dealerships.

Whether for a grand opening, seasonal sale, or specific car brand, the feather flag is a versatile marketing tool. Its portability allows for easy relocation, ensuring it remains dynamic and engaging throughout the dealership’s promotions and events.

In conclusion, the Used Cars Feather Flag is an eye-catching and effective advertising solution for new and used car dealerships. High-quality nylon, yellow background, bold black lettering draw attention, excitement, and convey dealership’s offerings clearly. Lastly, with easy setup and a large size, this flag is a dynamic marketing tool for driving customer traffic and sales.

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