Auto Racing Desk Flag Set, 4″ X 5″


Introducing the Official Auto Racing Flags Set by Annin Flagmakers, featuring 4×5″ flags with a sturdy base. This comprehensive set includes Start, Caution, Stop, Go to Pit, Move Over, Last Lap, and Finish (checker) flags, along with a 7-hole base. Each set comes individually boxed, ensuring top-quality presentation. Gear up for thrilling races with this exceptional racing flags collection.

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Experience the thrill of auto racing with Annin Flagmakers’ Auto Racing Desk Flag Set. Each 4″x5″ flag is securely stapled to 10″ black plastic staff with gold spear tip. This comprehensive set includes all the essential racing flags:

1. Checker Flag
2. Start Green Flag
3. Last Lap White Flag
4. Caution Yellow Flag
5. Red Stop Flag
6. Move Over Blue and Yellow Flag
7. Black Go To Pit Flag

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Annin Flagmakers ensure durability and quality materials in each flag. Whether you’re hosting a racing event or adding excitement to your space, this set brings the excitement of the race track to life.

With these flags, you can recreate the exhilarating atmosphere of auto racing in any setting. They’re perfect for sporting events, racing-themed parties, and car enthusiast gatherings. Easily display them on a pole or wave them in the air, signaling the race’s progress and invoking the spirit of competition.

The staff allows the flags to fit easily to the black plastic stand. The vibrant colors and bold designs make the flags stand out, adding to the excitement of the moment.

Incorporate this Auto Racing Desk Flag Set into your décor or events, and feel the adrenaline rush of the race track. Annin Flagmakers’ commitment to quality ensures that these flags will withstand the elements and provide lasting enjoyment for racing enthusiasts of all ages.

Race fans, event organizers, and sports enthusiasts alike will appreciate the authenticity and visual impact of this meticulously crafted Auto Racing Flag Set. Add the thrill of the track to your space and celebrate the world of auto racing with these dynamic and symbolic flags.

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