Cam Cleat, Mounted & Unmounted


The cam cleat is used in roped internal halyard flagpoles and is one of the various flagpole parts that we offer within the store.

The body of the cam action cleat is made of steel, the roller is plastic, and the locking unit is aluminum.

The mounted version is secured onto a 1 1/2″ x 3 3/8″ aluminum block with two #10-32NC stainless steel pan head screws.

Either style comes with two #10-32NC stainless steel mounting screws.

Maximum rope diameter is 5/16″.

There are many other flagpole accessories listed within the store.  If you are unsure of any replacement part, please get in touch with us.


The cam cleat is a crucial component used in roped internal halyard flagpoles. It plays a significant role in securely raising, lowering, and locking the flag in position. This cam cleat operates on a simple yet effective mechanism that ensures the flag remains firmly in place, even in windy conditions.

The cam action cleat consists of a metal or plastic device with a curved shape. Attach it near the base inside the flagpole, routing the halyard, the rope used to raise and lower the flag. When engaged, the cleat design tightly grips the halyard, preventing unintentional slipping or loosening.

When raising the flag, pull the halyard downward through the cleat to secure it in place. As the halyard passes through the cleat’s curved portion, the cam action comes into play. The cam, which is a sloping surface or series of teeth, applies pressure to the halyard, creating friction and preventing it from sliding back down.

To lock the halyard in position, the user simply releases tension on the rope, allowing the cleat’s cam action to engage fully. The cam bites into the halyard, effectively securing it and preventing any accidental slippage. This mechanism ensures that the flag remains at the desired height until intentionally lowered.

The cam action cleat offers several advantages. Firstly, it provides reliable and secure flag control, keeping the flag in place regardless of wind conditions. Secondly, it is easy to operate, allowing for smooth and effortless raising and lowering of the flag. Furthermore, manufacturers typically design the cleat to be durable and corrosion-resistant, ensuring its longevity and functionality in different weather conditions.

Installation of the cam action cleat may vary depending on the specific flagpole design. However, people typically mount it securely inside the flagpole using screws or other fastening methods. Take care during installation to properly align and engage the cam mechanism for optimal functionality and performance.

In summary, the cam action cleat is a vital component in roped internal halyard flagpoles. Its reliable grip and secure locking mechanism enable controlled flag raising and lowering. Lastly the cam action cleat’s simple yet effective design proudly displays the flag, even in challenging weather conditions.

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Cam Cleat

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