POW MIA Flag, Nylon All Styles


Our POW-MIA flag, featuring a powerful design symbolizing sacrifice, is silk-screened onto black nylon for a vivid and superior appearance. Available in single or double seal styles, each flag is professionally sewn with a strong canvas heading and brass grommets. Sizes range from house-sized to large flags with canvas roped heading.


Introducing Advertising Flag Company’s Silk-Screened POW-MIA Flag, a symbol of remembrance and tribute, meticulously crafted to honor those who served. Each flag is imprinted with opaque ink onto Glaser Mills black nylon, ensuring a bold and lasting design.

Available in various sizes, starting from the boat-sized 12″x18″ all the way up to the impressive 10’x15′, these flags cater to diverse needs. Additionally sizes 2’x3′ to 5’x8′ offer a choice between single or double seal, catering to diverse display preferences. However, sizes 6’x10′ and larger are exclusively available in double seal.

The craftsmanship of these flags is remarkable. All flags up to 6’x10′ are finished with a sturdy canvas heading and brass grommets, ensuring durability and easy installation. For flags 8’x12′ and larger, a canvas roped heading with thimbles adds extra strength, guaranteeing a secure and reliable display.

One notable feature of Advertising Flag Company’s Silk-Screened POW-MIA Flag is its resistance to fading. The Glaser Mills black nylon and high-quality opaque ink used in the printing process ensure that the flag retains its vibrant colors even when exposed to the harshest elements. This durability is crucial, as it allows the flag to maintain its powerful symbolism for extended periods.

This flag solemnly honors POWs and MIAs, reminding us to honor their sacrifice and keep their memory alive. Moreover the silk-screened design showcases intricate details, paying homage to the brave individuals who fought for their country.

Additionally displaying the Advertising Flag Company’s Silk-Screened POW-MIA Nylon Flag at home, offices, schools, or special events for attention and respect. Striking appearance, exceptional craftsmanship—ideal for those seeking a distinguished symbol of patriotism and remembrance.

Choosing Advertising Flag Co. means getting a premium flag while supporting a renowned company committed to excellence. Advertising Flag Co., with 85+ years of expertise in flag-making, is synonymous with quality, craftsmanship, and respect for the American flag.

The Silk-Screened POW-MIA Flag, in various sizes, crafted with Glaser Mills nylon and opaque ink, symbolizes remembrance and tribute. Durable, detailed, and striking, it’s the perfect choice to honor the sacrifice of POWs and MIAs. Choose Advertising Flag Company and proudly display your respect for those who served.

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12" X 18" – SIngle Seal, 2' X 3' – Single Seal, 3' X 5' – Single Seal, 4' X 6' – Single Seal, 5' X 8' – Single Seal, 2' X 3' – Double Seal, 3' X 5' – Double Seal, 4' X 6' – Double Seal, 5' X 8' – Double Seal, 6' X 10' – Double Seal, 8' X 12' – Double Seal, 10' X 15' – Double Seal


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