SunSetter Flagpole Parts


Ensure your Topflight SunSetter Telescoping flagpole remains in top condition with authentic replacement parts specifically designed for 16′ or 20′ poles.
Each replacement part comes with a detailed instruction sheet.
Instead of investing in a new flagpole, consider replacing the specific components causing issues as listed below if your flagpole is not functioning properly.

Part Description For Pole Size
Top Cap FP011-1 16′ & 20′
Top Swivel Harness FP010-1 16′ & 20′
Middle Swivel Harness FP012-1 16′ & 20′
Bottom Swivel Harness FP013-1 16′ & 20′
Tube #2 Bushing FP022-1 16′ & 20′
Tube #3 Bushing FP021-1 16′ & 20′
Tube #4 Bushing FP023-1 20′
Tube #1 Button FP018-1 16′ & 20′
Tube #2 Button FP019-1 16′ & 20′
Tube #3 Button FP020-1 16′ & 20′
Tube #1 Bottom Cap FP017-1 16′ & 20′
Tube #2 Bottom Cap FP014-1 16 & 20′
Tube #3 Bottom Cap FP015-1 20′
Tube #4 Bottom Cap FP016-1 20′
Ground Sleeve Tube FP025-1 20′
Spring Clip 16′ & 20′
3″ Gold Ball 16′ & 20′

Lower Swivel
                        Top Swivel                               Double Swivel                         Top Cap
Tube 1 Replacement          Tube 1 Bottom Cap
Tube 2 Replacement         Tube 2 Bottom Cap              Tube 2 Clear Bushing            Tube 2 Spring Button
Tube 3 Replacement         Tube 3 Bottom Cap              Tube 3 Clear Bushing            Tube 3 Spring Button
Tube 4 Replacement         Tube 4 End Cap                    Tube 4 Clear Bushing
Replacement parts and instructions for your Sunsetter Flagpole
Ground Sleeve Locking Collar Replacement


Sunsetter offers a comprehensive range of official replacement parts designed specifically for their Topflight 16′ or 20′ telescoping flagpole. These parts include caps, swivels, harnesses, bushings, spring buttons, bottom caps, spring clips, ball, and ground sleeve, ensuring that you can easily maintain and enhance the performance of your flagpole.

The caps are essential components that fit securely on top of the flagpole, providing protection and a clean finish. Sunsetter designs replacement caps to seamlessly integrate with the telescoping flagpole, preventing water and debris from entering.

Swivels play a crucial role in allowing the flag to rotate freely, preventing it from tangling and ensuring a visually appealing display. Sunsetter’s replacement swivels are engineered for smooth and effortless rotation, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your flagpole.

Likewise each harnesses are vital components that securely attach the flag to the pole. Sunsetter crafts replacement harnesses with durable materials, ensuring they withstand outdoor conditions and reliably connect the flag to the flagpole.

Insert bushings between sections of the telescoping flagpole for stability and reduced friction during extension and retraction. Sunsetter’s bushings ensure smooth operation, effortlessly adjusting the height of your flagpole for convenience.

In addition, the spring buttons are essential for locking the telescoping sections in place. Sunsetter’s spring buttons endure repeated use, maintain a secure hold, and ensure flagpole stability.

Bottom caps provide a protective seal at the base of the flagpole, preventing moisture and debris from entering. Sunsetter’s replacement bottom caps are designed to fit snugly and offer long-lasting durability.

Utilize spring clips to securely and reliably attach the flag to the harness for a strong connection. Sunsetter designs their replacement spring clips to withstand outdoor conditions and securely hold your flag in place.

Additionally the ball is a decorative element that sits atop the flagpole, adding an elegant touch to your display. Sunsetter crafts their replacement ball with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and a polished appearance.The ground sleeve is an essential component for securely installing the flagpole into the ground. Sunsetter designs their replacement ground sleeve for easy installation, providing a stable foundation for your flagpole.

In conclusion, Sunsetter offers a wide range of official replacement parts for their Topflight 16′ or 20′ telescoping flagpole. Caps, swivels, harnesses, bushings, spring buttons, bottom caps, spring clips, ball, and ground sleeve—designed for optimal flagpole performance and longevity.. Trust in Sunsetter’s high-quality replacement parts to maintain a visually appealing and functional flagpole display.

Additional information

Weight 0.125 lbs
Dimensions N/A

Top Cap FP011-1, Top Swivel FP010-1, Middle Swivel FP012-1, Bottom Swivel FP013-1, Tube #2 Bushing FP022-1, Tube #3 Bushing FP021-1, Tube #4 Bushing FP023-1, Tube #1 Button FP018-1, Tube #2 Button FP019-1, Tube #3 Button FP020-1, Tube #1 Bottom Cap FP017-1, Tube #2 Bottom Cap FP014-1, Tube #3 Bottom Cap FP015-1, Tube #4 Bottom Cap FP016-1, Ground Sleeve FP025-1, Spring Clip, 3" Gold Ball


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